Important of Project Management

Project Management helps in making a better planning for a product  or project  development, with the focus on cost,scope, risk reduction while, improving the chances of getting the best success rates. There are multiple advantages of having project management in an organization, the main one being that it gives the ability to define and control the project scope.A project management method includes all of the activities for managing a project.

All the leading organizations all over the world have progressively started implementing project management as a way to improve project results and control spending.In the race of offering better product and service the company using a better implementation of project management has won the race.

A project management process groups involves :



3. Executing




Most of the small companies work on the agile methodology and they never follow the process of project management, which result a poor quality product or the services they provided. To improve the product or services quality every organization must invole the project management process in there organization.


“ Good project management discipline stopped us from spending money on projects that fail

Ron Kasabian,

General manager at global IT giant Intel, Folsom

7 Most common Project Management mistakes :

  1. Failing to adhere to a project process architecture
  2. Lack of Project methodology.
  3. Ineffective leadership
  4. Employing underskilled project managers
  5. Inadequately tracking project vital signs
  6. Failing to conduct timely project triage
  7. Managing the project portfolio poorly


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